Welcome to Uprising Events!

We invest in you with exclusive rewards!

Discount Van Rentals

We partnered with Arnold Clark and have preferential rates, which are offered to the artists that book though us.


Did you get an enquiry on a date you are unavailable? Then refer us and we will give you part of the fee for that booking!


Our friends at Make Noise Studios can record you playing live! We will publish the video on your page and though social media.


A good quality photo is a great start to show people who you are. Our photography partner can help you stand out and show what you do best.

Social Media

We use the best of social media to promote our artists!

Free Promo

Do you have a card? No, sorry.  We hope you never had to say that to any future client, so we will help you to make sure you have plenty of material to promote yourself.

Everyone likes to be rewarded, and whilst we are signing up we are offering some prizes back. These prizes include £20 and £50 Amazon Gift Cards, Premium Memberships (worth £60) and photo and video sessions (worth over £100) and more!

All you need to do to be part of this, is sign up. The 60 first selected artists, you will receive a number, which we will match with a Lotto draw (to be announced on Facebook and e-mail). The winners will get the prize shortly after.

What do you have to lose? Hurry and sign up now!

Some rewards like 100% fee, video and photo depend on the artist securing a minimum amount of bookings, for more details please talk to us.

About us

We are an event management agency that wants to break the norm. We started out with a simple concept, we can do better! Better service for artists and better service for clients.

What we see as being a key part of getting bookings is to connect with people. To do this we are always on the look out for something to stand out. From cheaper van rentals to our artists to a free entertainment to the client (Don’t worry, you will get paid the same normal fee, it’s on us).

Why us? Beside getting you more bookings, being very organized and getting great deals; we also like to make everyone’s life easier. We will organise most of the event and send a clear pack with all the information you need for a great gig.

Connecting with customers is a passion we have, so we enjoy to take part on events that shows up the artists we work with. We then offer some great deals to secure bookings.

Why to use an agency

If you have never used an agency before, then start here, where we outline the reasons why an agency can help you.

How to Join Us

It's quick and easy to apply. Get enrolled now and start seeing the benefits and enquiries coming through!


Everybody has questions, so we have put together a list of the most common ones here.

Support Request

If you are an artist and needs to get in contact we us for any reason. 

Fayre Sponsorship

To maximise your exposure, you can sponsor us to attend specialist fayres and take advantage of immediate bookings and extensive advertisement.


HELP! If you need immediate assistance, this is the right place.